Back To School Challenges Students Face After The Long Vacation

Back To School Challenges Students Face After The Long Vacation

Back To School Challenges Students Face After The Long Vacation

We can all agree that our lives are made up of a series of new events we experience at different times and on different days but routines like going back to school are wired into our brains.

The truth is, no matter how old we are, the back-to-school feeling never fails to sift in the air and get under our skin. You can say it is the one thing in our lives that has someway somehow remained constant.

All too soon, summer is over which means that school has officially resumed and as typical, the new academic year is met with mixed feelings.

I mean who wants to be woken up by the unending chiming of their alarm clock every morning from Monday through to Friday only to repeat the entire thing over and over again for close to three or four months?

To be honest, the first couple of days back can be extremely challenging, after all, we just came back from a long break of doing almost nothing and the first thing that knocks us off and get us back into a schedule is an early rise.

That said, let’s take a look at these struggles most students face returning to school after a long break.

1. Being Apart From Parents And Family: because of the obvious time crunch issues that never get dealt with, it is safe to say most parents and their children are ships that pass each other at night so the only time children get to enjoy the presence and connect with their parents is during the long vacations. That is when they do most of the catching up, bond and essentially go on vacation together. Once school resumes, it is back to the default setting and most often than not, it takes a while for children to get into character.

2. Getting Ready For School: following a long summer break of sleeping late, waking up late, leisurely living and doing almost nothing— it can be quite challenging to suddenly change the routine by waking up early just to get to school on time. Most students struggle to adjust to the new schedule. The truth is, they are likely never ready for any rigorous academic work.

3. Meeting Expectations: The moment school resumes, the floodgates of expectations automatically open. As typical of parents and teachers and to some extent, students tend to expect a lot academically. These unspoken expectations can sometimes engulf students, leaving them feeling grim right from the word go.

4. Getting Along With Friends, Classmates And Newbies: humans and for that matter, children go through a lot of change now and then. This means that the friend or classmate you knew and got used to before school vacated may not be the same person when school resumes. They may have developed another character pattern or evolved in a way that you might need to do some catching up to acquaint yourself. In instances where such happens, students may find it tiresome to get along with the all-new person their friend or classmate has become.

Additionally, most reopenings are characterized by a lot of goodbyes and hellos. As old some old students leave, new ones join. It could take more than a while for students to re-orient and get accustomed to these changes.

The one truth is that it is not exactly an awesome feeling, transitioning from the holidays is often difficult for students but there is little to nothing anyone can do about this situation than to quickly adapt to the new wave of change.

On the bright side, these changes, more so struggles do not last throughout the entire academic term. All it takes is a few hours, at most a couple of days and students are swimming in a puddle of excitement, impatient to get into the swing and overcome every challenge that comes with the term.