COVID-19: Six ways to prepare your child before school reopens

COVID-19: Six ways to prepare your child before school reopens

COVID-19: Six ways to prepare your child before school reopens

Restrictions are being eased and schools are being reopened in phases. Hopefully, we all look forward to taking our wards back to the classroom in January per the President’s directive. But it’s not all that certain since the cases keep increasing, however, it’s better to be ready than not at all.

Though we may not be a hundred percent ready, we can only be prepared to an extent. Till the Government comes out with the detailed report on reopening in 2021, we must gear ourselves up. So, how do we do this? Read on and let’s find out how.

1. Be informed

As a parent, you definitely are not the only one going through anxieties or facing doubts. Thankfully, information is widespread and there is no need to be burdened. Try to get informed about what the government is doing, how the phases of reopening have gone so far, and how best you can gear yourself and your family for reopening. If possible, join virtual parental forums and get to share ideas and learn from other countries who have gone ahead. For more information on how other countries around the world handled reopening, click here.

2. Encourage COVID-19 safety practices at home

There are proactive steps you can start taking with your kids before reopening. For example, constantly teaching them the essence of social distancing and mask-wearing is a good start. Remind them to always put on their masks whenever you go out with them. Ensure that they wash their hands frequently and also keep their sanitizers wherever they go.

Explain to them the importance of observing all these things whenever you require them to do so. You can even suggest more innovative ways of social distancing. For example, though they may not be able to run around and hug their friends, you can teach them more fun ways of greeting. You can practice this whenever you get home from work.

3. Psychologically prepare them

Your child would have mixed feelings about going back to the classroom, especially in a pandemic. Therefore, try highlighting the positives of going back.  For example, frequently talk about getting to see their friends again and doing activities together. This can be very comforting to your child and serve as a big stress reliever.

Also, don’t forget to go back to a schedule. How were their schedules like before the pandemic? Try getting them to bed at an earlier time so they don’t get cranky and unprepared from school. Gradually doing this, will help them settle in slowly and nicely.

4. Teach them to be kind and considerate

One other important thing to educate your child on is ‘name-calling’ and discrimination. Advise your children to avoid calling friends who appear sick any names or putting certain tags on them. Try clarifying to them how wrong it is and how they would feel if they were in the same situation. Even if a friend is rumored to have gotten infected, sternly warn them to avoid rumor spreading and lend a loving hand.



5. Share the plan with them

Children feel assured when they know there is a plan or routine to follow. Every school is putting plans in place in preparation for safe reopening while they await the government’s detailed directives for January 2021. How would seating arrangements be like? How would break time and lunch be like? As a school, we are also eagerly awaiting to have all our students back.

In some countries, schools had to close and reopen again following recorded cases. It is important to talk to your children and let them know that though surprises may come, you are going to be with them no matter what. If it should happen that school comes to an abrupt end and goes back to virtual learning, communicate it with them.

Our doors are open and we are ready to take you through our strategy for the next term.


6. Be available and understanding, always

Going back to school is going to be normal but quite awkward for your child, so always be available and approachable. Be open to their questions, fears, and strive to have open conversations. It can be after a movie, during dinner, or after homework. Keep assuring them that you have a listening ear.  And, please don’t forget to always be observant to look out for signs of anxiety and odd behaviour.

Though children can be often forgetful or simply careless even with the safety protocols, try to tamper justice with mercy. Don’t be too hard on them. Come down to their level and keep correcting them gently. You can even reward them for wearing their masks well throughout the week. Just try and do your possible best to keep up a positive attitude. This is all new to both of you so let’s take it easy.

We hope these tips help to prepare your child for reopening. We can’t wait to see you all soon! Don’t forget to leave a comment in the comments section.



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