Ecole Ronsard holds first-ever drive-thru graduation!

Ecole Ronsard holds first-ever drive-thru graduation!

Ecole Ronsard holds first-ever drive-thru graduation!

Ecole Ronsard has done it again, even in COVID-19 times! Who would ever think this pandemic could bring about a unique way of graduating? With a little creativity and maneuvering, we were able to hold our first-ever drive-thru graduation ceremony!

Unlike the traditional drive-thru ceremonies where students drive past the school and receive their certificates, ours took a different twist. An entourage including the School Administrator, Principal, Headteacher, Class teacher, School Prefects, and Media team as well as violinists drove through every graduand’s home, holding a short ceremony for them.

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At every home, each expectant Ecole Ronsard graduand and their family met the team with great joy! Some were simply blown away when they saw the violinists play their favorite tunes upon entry into their homes. Next, they read their speeches, listened to words of wisdom from the Ecole Ronsard’s Administrator and Headteachers respectively.

Afterward, they were awarded their certificates by the Principal, Miss Patti Agbenyeke, and then took their long-awaited graduation photos in their gowns.  Refreshment amidst music was next and it was no light thing. It was such a delight seeing that their dream of graduating came true and that not even COVID-19 could stop it.

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In her address to the graduates, the School administrator,  Madam Sandra Beke advised them to ‘continue to work hard and take ownership of their education.’ In addition, Headteacher of the Ecole Ronsard, Miss Arthur, also cautioned them to never take lightly their studies as they advance to a new level.

When asked how they felt about the whole experience, some of the graduates admitted that they did not expect they would be graduating due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On the contrary, a few others felt they deserved graduation because of their hard work.

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Overall, it was an exciting and fulfilling moment for all! A big congratulation to the Ecole Ronsard Class of 2020. We are proud of you! Hip Hip Hip!!! Hurray!!!

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