Growing Up Through Christmas- Does The cheer change Over The Years ?

Growing Up Through Christmas- Does The cheer change Over The Years ?

Growing Up Through Christmas- Does The Cheer Change Over The Years?

If there was an evidential magic wand like old Harry Potter’s, we could safely presume many will probably backpedal it all between their formative to their teenage years slightly because everything is better, exciting and multiple times worthier when you are a child.

From watching Saturday morning cartoons to birthdays, receiving a toy of little or no relevance at all, going on trips and importantly, counting down to Christmas, which comes with as much euphoria as the celebration in itself.

The peak of this frenzied feeling takes centre stage on the eve of Christmas where you may have to convince yourself to sleep. In actuality, you lay awake, waiting for the morning just to show off your curated Christmas dress, treat your buds to tasty delicacies and sweet confections.

As the years roll by and we begin to properly adult with lots of responsibilities bending our shoulders, there is a distinct shift in how many perceive and welcome Christmas.

It gets to that point where it dawns on us that the magic that comes with the season has dwindled. Our very sense of joy and mystery gets satiated. We become swamped with work and engrossed with life.

We no longer find trouble sleeping on the eve of Christmas, once our bodies touch the bed and our heads hit the pillow, sleep comes and for many, the only way to rejuvenate and sink deep into the Christmas cheer is to live it through the eyes of children.

Although Christmas has remained the most well known and celebrated holiday around the world, there is no denying that the expectations and celebrations change with age for a good number of people.

On the religious front, not so much— the past two thousand and twenty-one years has always witnessed the birth of baby Jesus on every 25th  December. A celestial routine that even the emergence of Covid-19 this past couple of years could not alter.

Today, we look at these obvious changes and possible reasons that have informed our general outlook and response towards this biggest festivity.

These days, children may not exactly come across as children merely on the back of some of the utterances they make and their flair to strike and hold important conversations.

Nevertheless, as the festive season approaches, the glee in their eyes and anticipation goes a long way to prove how much of children they still are. And this unburdened, carefree innocence characterized by childhood is what we miss out on as we grow into adults.

To children, Christmas is a time of exceeding merrymaking, food, dancing, music, and a good time to flaunt their wardrobe. They are participants of the festivities with no responsibilities or whatsoever.

The reality of an adult is quite the opposite. For an average adult, Christmas means gifts have to be given out, deadlines need to be met, traffic to be beaten, families to visit, and at the same time, be expected at all the functions you have been invited to. As the years come and go, the list keeps getting so long that, we unconsciously lose the wonder of the season

Gone are the days where people travel to cities, visiting families with an open window to have a feel and taste of the urban celebrations people made so much noise about.

This was because the cities were developed, staged the big concerts, highlighted the season to its very latter and had recreations that were non-existent in the rural areas.

Thanks to modernization, traditional settlements and societies have purposely transformed into more secular and developing places, almost meeting the standards of the big cities.

These days, the countless lot will rather enjoy a calmer Christmas where they can timely wallow in childhood nostalgia.

One of the visible traits in humans is the eventuality to outgrow things. The thrill of life for most people is in the unknown and once something becomes conversant and expected, that thing no longer has nothing on them.

The truth is, people, grow increasingly used to the certainty of Christmas in December. That the lights and decorations will go up and Christ will be reborn. They get accustomed to singing carols, eating party meals with full knowledge of indulging in the same cycle in subsequent years.

How many Christmas’s will one celebrate or experience to finally say they have had just about enough of it? Except for the childhood feeling and decorations, everything that comes with Christmas can be made available with a snap of the finger, when you are an adult provided you have the means and this takes most of the fun away for an adult.

While many may not immediately admit to these changes, it does not make it any less real. These changes however should not cloud us so much so that we lose the true essence of the season.

It may not be like it was when you were a child but seeing it through their eyes can savour the season.

Families can decorate trees together, friends can anonymously share gifts plus a host of everything to kick in that childhood Christmas sentimentality.

Christmas is a time to make merry, spend quality time with friends, family and a time to learn how to count our blessings.