Covid-19 positive cases

Suspected COVID-19 Cases

Precautionary measures and management

1. Isolation

Any sick person or suspected Covid-19 case will be immediately isolated from the rest of the  school community in a specialized room by the nurse / doctor until picked-up by the parents.

A doctor ‘s note will be required to gain access back into the school.

2. All members of the same bubble

In case of a suspected case

If an individual was in close contact with a suspected case of Covid-19, he or she needs to look out for any sign of fever, dry cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of taste and smell etc. In the
absence of those signs, access to the school is granted.

In case of a confirmed case

In case of a confirmed case of Covid-19, all the members of a bubble, students and teachers alike, would have to be self-isolated for a period of 14 days. In such circumstances, scenario three of our learning models is activated. Their lessons will be fully virtual.

3. Request for a test

In a case of a confirmed case, we will require two consecutive negative test results to grant access back into the school .

The test can be carried out at any centre of choice. We however have a test centre close to the school that can accommodate children.

4. Areas used by a confirmed COVID-19 case

All areas used by a confirmed Covid-19 case will be closed off for deep cleaning and fumigation.