Covid -19 Protocol

Our COVID-19 protocols

Putting the safety of your child first.

Our COVID-19 protocols

Giving priority to your child's safety

Mandatory COVID-19 Tests

All students are mandated to take a test for COVID –19, 72h maximum before resuming school. Proof of a negative test result is required before admission to the school is granted.

All staff members were also required to do same before school officially resumed.


To reduce the risk of propagation of COVID-19 within the school if a positive case is detected, we have implemented year group bubbles, which are both colour-coded and numbered.

Students within a bubble are not allowed to have contact with the students from another bubble.

Each bubble will have different arrival times, departure times, lunch times, and break times.

Hygienic routines and classroom restructuring


We have redesigned each classroom to ensure a minimum distance of 1 meter between students.

All students are expected to remain at their assigned desks for most activities. 

General Sanitisation

A thorough cleaning and sanitization exercise of the school premises and classrooms was carried out before school officially resumed.

Several times throughout the school day, door knobs, stair rails and other common surfaces were all cleaned and sanitised.

Sanitisation - Students

Students are required to sanitise their hands after every lesson and after sneezing or coughing.

When a child coughs or sneezes, we will use the Catch it, Bin it, Kill it method.

Sanitisation - Teachers

Teachers are required to sanitise their hands before touching a child.

Toys and common stationery sets are all sanitised after a child finishes using it and before another child plays with it.

Air Conditioners

When used, every air conditioner will be limited to 22 degrees Celsius to avoid extremely low classroom temperatures. Whenever possible, fans are used instead of  A/C.

When air conditioners are used, windows are opened for 15minutes after every lesson to ensure the change of air.

Extracurricular Activities

All extracurricular activities including trips and use of the school playground have been suspended until further notice.

Learning Models

Hybrid model (scenario 1)

In-person learning and a coordinated online program was implemented during the initial stage of reopening. A rotation system to reduce class density

In Person Model (scenario 2)

From Year 4 to 8, provision has been made to resume in-person instruction fully from the first day of reopening. This has been extended to include all students after the first two weeks of reopening.

Fully Online (scenario 3)

This scenario will only occur when members of the same bubble are isolated for two weeks due to a confirmed Covid case.

What happens when there is a suspected or positive COVID-19 case in school?