Back-To-School Starter Pack for Parents- Making the Switch from Summer Mood to School Mode

Back-To-School Starter Pack for Parents- Making the Switch from Summer Mood to School Mode

Back-To-School Starter Pack for Parents- Making the Switch from Summer Mood to School Mode

The floodgates of chiming alarm clocks and tons of home works have just been opened.

Summer is over! And we know students are probably drowning in mixed emotions.

On one hand, some of them have missed their friends, itching to tell them how colourful their summer break was and importantly, bursting with excitement about integrating into their respective new classes.

On the other hand, there is a speck of sadness somewhere merely because back to school means all the fun-capades are all over.

It means early rises and sometimes late bedtimes, it means spending close to eight hours in school, learning, passing exams and engaging in other extracurricular activities. It means, Sundays would practically become a student’s new Monday as they use that day to prep for the real Monday.

We get it; it is not exactly easy for students to get their school groove on after holidays.

The truth is, it is tedious for the parents, the teachers and the school as a whole. Each person in this team has to play a maximum role, put in their best to make sure success is achieved at the end of the academic year, even beyond the gates of the school.

The heart of this article however concentrates on ways parents can adopt to switch their children from the summer mood into the school mode.

Here is a few;         

  1. Restarting Routines

Unlike adults who are quick to adapt and adjust to change, it is different with children. It may take them a tad a little longer. To make things a lot easier, parents can initiate a head start. They could make bedtime earlier, make sure they eat approximately at the same time they would if they were still in school and include everything they would be doing a week or two before school officially starts. This makes the transition smooth and almost normal

  1. Going Over Rules

Remind children of the rules that were instituted when school was in session and be particular about them. Spell each one of them out lucidly and make sure they understand where you are coming from. Can they watch TV and if yes, at what specific times. What time should they do their homework, how late can they stay up on a school night? Which chores would they making cutting off plus more? Putting in place these rules would put you on the same page when school finally resumes

Explain to them the importance of observing all these things whenever you require them to do so. You can even suggest more innovative ways of social distancing. For example, though they may not be able to run around and hug their friends, you can teach them more fun ways of greeting. You can practice this whenever you get home from work.

3. Bring Back the Learning Spirit

Arguably; most students barely take their books out to read a single page when school is on vacation. Most often than not, getting them back into the spirit of learning momentarily could be unnerving. To make the switch, assign fun and creative work to him or her. It could be on a myriad of topics; from arts to music through to mathematics and science. This is to them busy, involved and geared towards the start of school.

4. Prep a Learning Space

Prepare a convivial space, quiet and lit for them. You can equally stock the place with a few essential learning materials, making sure the space is appealing as it possibly can be, regardless of how small the space is. This space should be devoid of distractions.

5. Discussing the Game Plan

Sit with them, discuss their goals for the academic year, their wins and shortcomings from the previous years and which areas need improvements and enhancements.

If they know they are set a goal to be achieved, they can potentially work hard towards achieving these goals, after all, children always want to see their parents happy and proud, knowing they could be the reason behind it could be motivation.


6. Going for a Test Run

if it is possible, take a short trip to the school with your child. Get to see your child’s new classroom, where they would be spending the next year and other changes that may have happened in the school during the vacation. This sets him or her right into school mode until the actual day arrives.

These approaches may differ from parent to parent, essentially from one child to the next. All the same, a parent could adopt these and add their very own unique style to it, something that works for them and the child as well.

Ready or not, it’s the season; parents better start dusting the alarm clocks!