Sciencemathics 2019 @ Ecole Ronsard!!

Sciencemathics 2019 @ Ecole Ronsard!!

Sciencemathics 2019 @ Ecole Ronsard!!

Our annual Science and Math show dubbed ‘Sciencemathics’, came off from the 16th-18th October, 2019 and it was amazingly electrifying! Based on the theme ‘Exploring, discovering, creating and solving’, all activities sought to achieve just that.

Day one: From poop to clean water?

After the launch on Wednesday the 15th, at the school’s auditorium, the primary and secondary students went on a trip to the Ghana Sewage Systems in James Town for some experiential knowledge.

During the tour, the young Ecole Ronsard scientists were shown how sewage was transported and treated in the various plants at the premise. It was incredible seeing what happened to all the waste that comes out of the human body. What even blew the minds of the young Ronsard scientists the most was when they realized clean water, and coal could be extracted from all that human waste aside from biogas! My, who ever knew clean water could come out of a dirty thing like poop!

In all, it was a great experience which the scientists would not want to trade for anything!!!

Day two: Sciencemathics Quiz Competition

A science show is incomplete without a quiz right? Marking day two of Sciencemathics 2019 was a fiercely and keenly-contested quiz competition between Ecole Ronsard’s main rivals, the Cheetahs and the Rhinos at the school’s auditorium.

After bouts of questions and brain-draining problem-solving, the rhinos who seemed to be at the bottom, gained an upper hand in the last round and knocked their Cheetah competitors with just a point and a half. Though each team hoped to be crowned Sciencematics Champions of 2019, only one could carry the cup and it went to the rhinos.

Did tears flow in the end? You bet they did on the side of team Cheetah while electrifying screams and cheers beautified camp Rhino! A big Congratulation to the Rhinos and better luck next time to the Cheetahs.

Day three: Science exhibition…let there be science and there was!

Can you walk on eggs without breaking them, or can you pick up fire with your hand without getting burnt? Well, that was the order of the day as we climaxed our Sciencemathics show with the exhibition of various fun science experiments. The event which came off at the forecourt of the school saw parents and teachers witness mind-blowing try-outs from the young Ecole Ronsard scientists.

Other experiments included floating eggs, skewer through balloon, water transportation in plants (celery colour changing), elephant toothpaste, volcanic eruption among others.

So, that’s how we wrapped up Sciencemathics 2019. In the end, we indeed explored, discovered, solved and created the sciencemathics way. See you next year for another riveting edition! Also, a big thank you to our wonderful organizers! The Ecole Ronsard family is proud of you!!